She makes a grand entrance like a vintage Hollywood starlet. She strolls like a beauty queen through lines of lingering onlookers. She sings sweet songs and strums along the strings of her ukulele. She creates a magical music sensation in the hot summer nightclub. She lights up the tiki room with her dynamic uke and percussion duo. She blows the roof off the downtown bar, belting out her raucous lyrics as she fronts a four-piece rock band. She does it all. Who is she, and where did she come from?

   Meet Marlena Lorén Khramova. She's making the scene as "Ukulena" - Southern California's Pineapple Princess, Orange County's Ukulele Queen. Ukulena's got a show-stopping, head-turning presence, and a dazzling musical performance that keeps her gigging and people talking all across the Southland and overseas. At just 23 she has harnessed a passion and creativity that promises to take her everywhere she wants to go. Ukulena's musical style has continued to blossom, develop, and transform ever since she started performing live. 

   Born in the Los Angeles City of Santa Monica, raised in the smallest city in Orange County - La Palma; with each turn of the season, Ukulena will be there smiling and singing along. "I've got so much I want to accomplish," she smiles. Her eyes twinkle. Then she strikes a pose. She's got so many sizzling ideas up her glittery, feathery, silky sleeves. That it's certain you'll be seeing a lot of her. (By author of 'The Undeniable Uniqueness of Ukulena' by Rocket Rising 2020).



A "play on words" of the singer/musician Marlena
and her Ukulele.

Ukulena & Her Smitten Kittens


Marlena Khramov

Lead Guitar-

Logan Dumont

Drummer- Blake Rehling


       In 2012, Marlena and her big sis' Mikayla formed their first rockabilly band, The Rad Cats. They opened Ronnie Mack's Barn Dance 1st live webcast - A Carl Perkins Tribute - where they were introduced & known as "Orange County's Collins Kids." In 2013, heartbroken by their Father's tragic passing, changed their band name to The Nesting Dolls, an homage to their Russian heritage. And opened for punk band, The Adicts, at The House of Blues Anaheim 2015. When the sisters part, they each form their own creative venture. Mikayla is "Theone" (Blues, Rock, Country, Americana). And Marlena is "Ukulena" (Tiki, Soul, Rock 'n Roll). But Ukulena has kept developing her genre through the years, and now wishes to keep it universal, and will always be trying new sounds. The 2018 release of her original Album, "Don't Let Go" has helped give her audience an idea of how many genres she can incorporate into her music. Her upcoming new Album release of, "Only Daddy Calls Me Marley", will be a new era of Ukulena. Think magical dreamy reggae-pop-rock-cumbia wonderland! xo

Ukulena can play a Solo Performance,

Duo, Trio, or Full Band! Old Tunes to

New Tunes, & a pineapple load of ORIGINALS!