Marlena Khramov (Ukulena) is a Singer-Songwriter & Multi-Instrumentalist, born in the L.A. County City of Santa Monica, raised in the O.C. City of La Palma, & grew up listening to the best kind of music, thanks to her parents, Igor Khramov (Professional Singer/Trombonist/Compser etc. in Band's Limpopo & Red Elvises early  90's) & Janelle Frese (Professional Women's Baseball Pitcher/Author/Drummer, first drummer & manager of Limpopo & Red Elvises early 90's). Her parents gave her the best of both cultural worlds. Igor was born & raised in a small villiage called Yegorevsk, Russia. Janelle, a California native...          Growing up, Marlena was in & out of sports, dance, & music/piano lessons. Though, she always new the stage was hers when she belted out her soulful voice. She'd been singing her whole life, recording with her father since age 6, being in elementary school church choir, musical theatre during junior high, & high school show choir. Always creating songs & being surrounded by wonderful music! Come 2013, Marlena & her also musical sister Mikayla, lose their beloved Father, Igor at age 50. The most talented man in their eyes & changing their whole aspect & passion on music. Music had never been more alive for Marlena, almost like her father was in her composing. Well, getting all of their father's instruments after his passing, Marlena picked up his fragile Ukulele & fell in love. Later being gifted a beautiful Concert Fender Ukulele from an old friend, she got better & better and created her show, "Ukulena"!   XOXO  



A "play on words" of the singer/musician Marlena and her Ukulele.

Ukulena & Her Smitten Kittens


Marlena Khramov

Lead Guitar-

Logan Dumont

Drummer- Blake Rehling


       In 2012, Marlena and her big sis' Mikayla formed their first band, The Rad Cats. They opened Ronnie Mack's Barn Dance 1st live webcast - A Carl Perkins Tribute - where they were introduced & known as "Orange County's Collins Kids".

     In 2013, heartbroken by their Father's tragic passing, changed their band name to The Nesting Dolls, an homage to their Russian heritage. When the sisters part, they each form their own creative venture. Mikayla is "Theone" (Blues, Rock, Country, Americana). And Marlena is "Ukulena" (Tiki, Soul, Rock 'n Roll).

Ukulena can play Solo Performance, Duo, Trio, or Full Band! Old Tunes to New Tunes, & a pineapple load  of ORIGINALS!